Silicone Wristbands

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Mount Vineyard Christian Fellowship

We send an email/word document to each customer as part of the sales process. Mount Vineyard Christian Fellowship provided the following feedback as part of the sales process for our Silicone Wristbands.

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Greg Anderson
c/o Mount Vineyard Christian Fellowship
37 Newton street Mt Maunganui,


Dear Greg

I would first like to thank you for choosing TAGGS-R-US to supply your company with one of our products. We are always trying to improve upon our service and feel that customer feedback is the best way to enhance our standards and customer perception. With this in mind would you kindly complete a few questions below in order to help you and others in the future:

GRADE: 1-10

(1 = Worst/Very Slow/Totally Dissatisfied & 10 = Best/Fastest/Satisfied)

  1. How did you find pre-sales communication/correspondence: 10/10
    Rapid response, really quick and helpful
  2. Were all your calls and emails answered promptly:10/10
  3. Were you happy with your T.R.U. contact: 10/10
    Pauls really easy to deal with a nice no stress deal
  4. Was all your paperwork, prompts and documents easily legible: 8/10
    Not sure about the Excel spreadsheet but that's just me : )
  5. Were you pleased with your artwork: 10/10
  6. Was your project undertaken within the allotted time-frame: 10/10
    faster than I expected (a lot)
  7. Were you satisfied with all elements involved in the transportation of your goods: 10/10
  8. Were you impressed with the final product and its quality/appearance: 10/10
  9. Do you have any other feedback that you believe would be important for us to know?
    Not at this stage. I think the team at T.R.U have got it all covered look forward to dealing with them in the future

Would you be happy for us to use some or all your comments on our website? YES


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