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Dongguan Hongda Rubber Factory were a silicone wristband supplier to the TAGGS-R-US Group until recently. It has always been our companies intention to tell others about suppliers who offer poor service, poor quality and inferior support. Dongguan Hongda Rubber Factory takes all these experiences to a new level, one that we feel we need to WARN others about.

We changed suppliers earlier this year for similar problems but we are afraid they were nothing in comparrison to what we have been exposed to by this company. At the end of the day the ability to learn and improve is something that this company can not come to terms with or do not wish to address. Their reluctance to do so has cost us time and money.

SOME of the problems we encountered:

  • Rude and abrupt service
  • Wrong artwork offered on a consistent basis
  • Regular deadlines not being met
  • Images promised and offered DAYS later
  • Goods despatched late
  • Jobs reprinted, one up to 3 times
  • Printing wearing off within 1 week
  • Another project for debossed wristbands with colour fill-in had to be made twice. Even the 2nd reprint by a different China printer, working on behalf of our factory was not to a high enough standard. So after the bands were returned to the factory they then decided to REJECT our order, because they could not supply a good enough quality wristband
  • A large debossed order being delivered where the indentation was made so shallow the text could hardly be read
  • Problems with local shippers were not followed up after persistent requests leaving us out of pocket
  • Payment arrangements being moved and amended to suit the supplier
  • Persistent requests for information ignored
  • Samples offered not in conjunction with our specifications
  • Changing/amending corporate logos
  • Samples not sent out. We always ordered extra bands in order that we can use them to pass on to others
  • Wrong FONTS used
  • Order forms not being followed
  • Wrong colour silicone being offered/used
  • Poor procedures and systems when we first started doing business with them, we almost ended up consulting to them in order to help address their problems
  • Orders taking longer than they should due to poor procedure and service
  • Items sent to us in the wrong freight boxes, costing us more money for freight
  • Delays in invoicing (only at the start)

We could go on but we guess you can see some of the many issues we have encountered. What is important they are all listed and refered too on MSN MESSENGER HISTORY between us and the aforementioned supplier.

We must say, this has been THE WORST experience EVER with a supplier and WE WARN YOU NOT TO DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY.

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